The National Christian Trophy  ~  2017 / 2018
*UPDATED ON: Monday May 21st 2018 - 1.00 pm*
1st Round
Regional Section (South, East & West)

All the following Teams (24) were given Byes:
Central Baptist Chelmsford (Essex), Chatsworth United (SE London), Christchurch Bromley (Kent), Christchurch Ware (Herts), Cirencester Pilgrims (Glos), Cirencester Pilgrims 2nds (Glos), Cleanslate 2nds (Milton Keynes), Cornerstone United (Glos), Coventry Saints,
DNA Network Colchester (Essex), Gold Hill Baptist (Bucks), Hayes Ambassadors (Kent),
Heigham Park Rangers (Norwich), Holy Rood Rickmansworth (Herts), Holy Trinity (Coventry), Kings Sports 2nds (Herts), London School of Theology (Middlesex), Northchurch Baptist (Herts,) Raynes Park United 2nds (SW London), South Ealing (Middlesex), Sunninghill (Surrey) Woodside Baptist (SE London), Wymondley Churches (Herts), ZimStevenage (Herts)

Regional Section (North & Midlands)
A) New Life Derby w/o v St Cuthberts Corinthians Colburn (N Yorks)

All the following Teams (7) were given Byes:
Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds), Ditton Athletic (Widnes)
Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs), Christchurch (W Yorks)
Loughborough Emmanuel (Leics), The Academy (Liverpool), York Elim

2nd Round ~ Results
Regional Section (South, East & West)
R1) Cirencester Pilgrims (Glos)
1 v 0 Christchurch Bromley (Kent)
R2) Gold Hill Baptist (Bucks) 5 v 3 Coventry Saints (Played on 04/11/17)
R3) Holy Rood Rickmansworth (Herts) 3 v 2 Central Baptist Chelmsford (Essex)
R4) Holy Trinity (Coventry) 3 v 2 Cleanslate 2nds (Milton Keynes)
R5) Northchurch Baptist (Herts) 4 v 2 Kings Sports 2nds (Herts)
R6) South Ealing (Middlesex) 10 v 0 Hayes Ambassadors (Kent)
R7) Wymondley Churches (Herts) 3 v 3 Sunninghill (Surrey) (Sunninghill won 4-2 on Penalties)
R8) Chatsworth United (SE London) 2 v 3 Woodside Baptist (SE London)
R9) ZimStevenage (Herts) 1 v 4 Cornerstone United (Glos)
R10) Cirencester Pilgrims 2nds (Glos) 0 v 6 London School of Theology (Middlesex)
R11) Raynes Park United 2nds (SW London) 2 v 3 Heigham Park Rangers (Norwich)
R12) Christchurch Ware (Herts) 8 v 1 DNA Network Colchester (Essex)

Regional Section (North & Midlands)
R13) York Elim 5 v 6 Ditton Athletic (Widnes)
R14) New Life Derby
1 v 8 Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds) (Played on 13/01/18)
R15) Christchurch (W Yorks)
1 v 7 Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs)
R16) The Academy (Liverpool)
6 v 0 Loughborough Emmanuel (Leics)
3rd Round ~ Results
Regional Section (South, East & West)
R17) Holy Trinity (Coventry) w/o v  Christchurch Ware (Herts)
R18) Sunninghill (Surrey)
5 v 3 Northchurch Baptist (Herts)
R19) Woodside Baptist (SE London)
0 v 1 Heigham Park Rangers (Norwich)
R20) London School of Theology (Middlesex)
5 v 1 Gold Hill Baptist (Bucks)
R21) Cirencester Pilgrims (Glos)
1 v 2 Holy Rood Rickmansworth (Herts)
R22) Cornerstone United (Glos)
0 v 4 South Ealing (Middlesex) (Played on 17/02/18)
Regional Section (North & Midlands)
R23) The Academy (Liverpool) 4 v 5 Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds)
R24) Ditton Athletic (Widnes)
2 v 3 Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs)
Quarter Finals ~ 24th February 2018
Full National Draw
F25) Holy Rood Rickmansworth (Herts) 4 v 2 Sunninghill (Surrey)
F26) Holy Trinity (Coventry)
0 v 8 Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds) (Played on 17/03/18)
F27) London School of Theology (Middlesex) 
0 v 1 Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs)
F28) South Ealing (Middlesex)
v w/o Heigham Park Rangers (Norwich) **South Ealing subsequently excluded from the Competition - Heigham Park Rangers re-instated**

Semi Finals

F29) Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds) 8 v 3 Holy Rood Rickmansworth (Herts) (Being played on 21/04/18)
F30) Heigham Park Rangers (Norwich)
0 v 3 Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs) (Played on 14/04/18)

Final ~ **Saturday May 19th 2018 ~ "Ewood Park Stadium", Blackburn Rovers FC, BB2 4JF** KO: 11am

Armley Christchurch 2nds (Leeds)
1 v 0 Kay Street Baptist (Rawtenstall, Lancs)