Since 2007, there have been two separate competitions, the original National Christian Cup, for the stronger Christian-based sides in the Country and the National Christian Trophy, for all teams that play at a more Intermediate / Junior level. This will continue. 

The two main reasons are:

1) As the whole National Christian Football Network grew, one Competition could only handle a maximum of 64 teams, with the present 5 Round format and we were already beyond that ultimate number! So introducing another competition allowed us to double capacity.

2) For each Team to play at a level that is more suitable and comfortable for them.

The NCC Executive, after discussions with Leagues and Clubs, defined which Christian-based Clubs and Church Leagues fit into what category. This has again been slightly updated and amended, so please read carefully the "National Christian Football Grading System - 2012 / 2013" sheet (mailed to clubs - please contact the office for more information if you do not have one of these).

Staging 2 finals for 8 seasons has increased the financial burden but we are very grateful for financial contributions from all 32 Finalists. This arrangement remains. For the 2 tier Competitions to be viable, we depend on a large number of teams to enter and very much hope to see 110+ teams involved.

The National Christian Cup and Trophy competition is overseen by a committee drawn from representatives of the Christian Football Network. The chairman is Richard Latteman (Christchurch FC Bromley).

The National Christian Cup and Trophy is administered through the Christians in Football Office on behalf of the Christian Football Network. The Office is the contact point for all enquiries for, and reports from matches played for the Cup

Key Information about the National Christian Cup and Trophy

Applications are welcomed from any Christian-based side, from a Church, a group of Churches or other groups such as CUs or Mission Organisations. 

Clubs are allowed to enter as many teams as they wish. The CIF Executive state these Christian-based Football Criteria Requirements for entry: 

1) A Club which is Church-based / Christian organisation-based and fully approved by its leadership.

2) A Club that only appoints Christians to its Directional Leadership: Chairman / General Manager and Team Manager / Coach. We believe that the very definition of being a Christian-based team must mean that the overall leaders will be Christians. If the Team Manager who influences the way their team plays, is not a Christian and not a Church Member, then there is no hope that their team will be run from a Christian view and reflect Christian values!! The Christian Leadership of each Christian-based Club will therefore be able to influence their team to attempt to conduct itself in a way that is glorifying to Christ. There is no particular requirement on the number of Christians but a healthy balance is recommended to fulfil Christian aims! In past seasons, some Clubs were found not to have Christian Team Managers. Therefore, now, each Team entering, will have to declare that it has a Christian Team Manager and to what Church they are a Committed Member! Please do not enter the Competitions if the Team Manager is not a Christian, as it could be embarrassing for all concerned if we have to deal with this issue when it surfaces at a later date!!