The National Christian Cup  ~  2019 / 2020
**UPDATED ON: Friday February 14th 2020 - 3.00pm**
1st Round
Regional Section (South & West)

Byes (13) were given to the following teams:
Battle Baptist (Sussex), Bethel United (South Wales), Bilton Evangelical Rugby (Warwicks), Christ Central (SE London),
DC United (Cardiff), Emmanuel Lightning Croydon (Surrey), Kings Sports (Herts), Lancott Park (Luton),
London School of Theology (Middlesex), Newgen (Kent), Soul Survivor (Watford), St Marys West Croydon (Surrey),
Welwyn St Marys (Herts)
Regional Section (North)
Byes (16) were given to the following teams:
Armley Christchurch (Leeds), Bankhall Mission (Liverpool), Bridge Chapel (Liverpool), Hull Saints (Yorkshire),
Kay Street Baptist Rawtenstall (Lancs), Kings Church (Manchester), Knowsley South (Liverpool), Mosaic FC (Leeds),
North Shields Community (Newcastle), St Charles (Newcastle), St Cuthberts (Liverpool), St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool),
St Sebastians (Liverpool), St Teresas Norris Green (Liverpool), Sunderland Samba, York Elim
2nd Round ~ December 7th 2019
Regional Section (South & West)

R1)   Bilton Evangelical Rugby (Warwicks) 2 v 0 DC United (Cardiff) (Game played on 11/01/20)
Emmanuel Lightning Croydon (Surrey) 2 v 2
Bethel United (South Wales) (Bethel United won 5-4 on Penalties)
R3)   Kings Sports (Herts) v Bye
R4)   Christ Central (SE London) 2 v 5 Soul Survivor (Watford) (Game played on 04/01/20)
   Welwyn St Marys (Herts) 0 v 3 St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) (Game played on 14/12/19)
R6)   Lancott Park (Luton)
v Bye
R7)   London School of Theology (Middlesex) 0 v 3 Newgen (Kent) (Game played on 14/12/19)
   Battle Baptist (Sussex) v Bye

Regional Section (North)

R9)   St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool) w/o v Mosaic FC (Leeds)
St Charles (Newcastle) 2 v 1 York Elim
Knowsley South (Liverpool) 0 v 0 St Teresas Norris Green (Liverpool) (Knowsley South won 5-4 on Penalties)
R12) St Sebastians (Liverpool)
7 v 3 Armley Christchurch (Leeds) (Game played on 18/01/20)
Sunderland Samba 3 v 2 Hull Saints (Yorkshire)
Bankhall Mission (Liverpool) 2 v 0 St Cuthberts (Liverpool)
R15) Kings Church (Manchester)
3 v 3 Bridge Chapel (Liverpool) (Bridge Chapel won 5-4 on Penalties)
North Shields Community (Newcastle) 5 v 2 Kay Street Baptist Rawtenstall (Lancs)

3rd Round ~ 25th January 2020
**The 3rd Round Draw was made LIVE on Premier Christian Radio on Tuesday 10th December 2019**
Thanks to Premier Christian Radio for their help!!
**Also it was filmed and you can watch it on:

Regional Section (South & West)

R17) Battle Baptist (Sussex) v Bethel United (South Wales) (Game to be played on 22/02/20)
Soul Survivor (Watford) v St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) (Game to be played on 08/02/20)
R19) Lancott Park (Luton) 2 v 3 Newgen (Kent)
R20) Bilton Evangelical Rugby (Warwicks) P v P Kings Sports (Herts) (Game postponed on 15/02/20 and now to be played on 22/02/20)
Regional Section (North)
R21) St Sebastians (Liverpool) 2 v 2 Bankhall Mission (Liverpool) (Bankhall Mission won 3-2 on Penalties)
St Charles (Newcastle) 3 v 5 North Shields Community (Newcastle)
Sunderland Samba 2 v 8 St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool)
R24) Knowsley South (Liverpool) 6 v 0 Bridge Chapel (Liverpool)
Quarter Finals ~ 29th February 2020
**The Quarter Final Draw was made LIVE on Premier Christian Radio, on Tuesday 28th January 2020.**
**Also it was filmed and you can watch it on:

Regional Section (South & West)
F25) Bilton Evangelical Rugby (Warwicks) or Kings Sports (Herts) v Soul Survivor (Watford) or St Marys West Croydon (Surrey)
F26) Newgen (Kent) v Battle Baptist (Sussex) or Bethel United (South Wales)
Regional Section (North)
F27) Knowsley South (Liverpool) v St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool)
F28) Bankhall Mission (Liverpool) v North Shields Community (Newcastle)
Semi Finals ~ 28th March 2020
**The Semi Final Draw will be made LIVE on Premier Christian Radio, on Tuesday 3rd March 2020.**
Full National Draw

To be Played sometime in May 2020!