The National Christian Cup  ~  2015 / 2016
**UPDATED ON MONDAY MAY 23RD 2016 - 4.00 PM**
1st Round ~ Results
Regional Section (South)
A) Harefield Church Harlow (Essex) 2 v 8 Emmanuel Lightning (Croydon)
B) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) 3 v 2 Gold Hill Baptist (Bucks) Regional Section (North)
Regional Section (North)
C) Elim Saints (Liverpool) 2 v 0 FC Gateway (Leeds)
D) Mansfield AFC (Notts) 2 v 0 Warrington Ambassadors (Lancs)

2nd Round ~ Results

Regional Section (South)
R1) Cleanslate (Milton Keynes) 4 v 3 Boro Lane (Bromley)
(After extra time - Score at 90 minutes, 3-3)
R2) Kings Sports (Herts) w/o v Welwyn St Marys Reds (Herts)
R3) Hythe Community (Middlesex) 1 v 8 Uni East Anglia CU Rovers (Norwich)
R4) Norwich Central Baptist 2 v 1 Beacon Church Camberley (Surrey)
(Game abandoned due to a serious injury in the first game - Replayed on 16/01/16.)
R5) Welwyn St Marys Blues (Herts) 2 v 1 Emmanuel Lightning (Croydon)
R6) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) 2 v 0  Battle Baptist (E Sussex)
Regional Section (North)
R7) Bethel Church (Liverpool) 9 v 1 Armley Christchurch (Leeds)
R8) Wavertree Athletic (Liverpool) 2 v 4 Consett St Patricks (Durham)
R9) Elm Hall Dons (Liverpool) 9 v 0 Logos FC (W Yorks) 
R10) Bentley Baptist (Doncaster) 6 v 2 St Charles RC (Newcastle)
R11) FC Legacy (Doncaster) 11 v 4 Mansfield AFC (Notts)
R12) St Edmunds (Liverpool) 1 v 0 Community Solutions Burnley (Lancs)
R13) Elim Saints (Liverpool) 2 v 1 Meols St Johns (Wirral)
(After extra time - Score at 90 minutes, 1-1)
R14) Bridge Bolton (Lancs) 3 v 2 Mosaic (Leeds)
R15) St Peters Shipley (W Yorks) 1 v 4 Vine Life (Manchester)
R16) Morley BSC  (Leeds) 6 v 2 Sunderland Samba
3rd Round ~ Results
Regional Section (South)
R17) Uni East Anglia CU Rovers (Norwich) 6 v 4 Norwich Central Baptist
R18) Cleanslate (Milton Keynes) 0 v 2 St Marys West Croydon (Surrey)
R19) Welwyn St Marys Blues (Herts) 2 v 4 Kings Sports (Herts) 
Regional Section (North)
R20) Bridge Bolton (Lancs) 0 v 3 Elim Saints (Liverpool)
R21) FC Legacy (Doncaster) 1 v 1 St Edmunds (Liverpool)
(FC Legacy won 4-1 on Penalties)
R22) Elm Hall Dons (Liverpool) 0 v 3  Bethel Church (Liverpool)
R23) Morley BSC (Leeds) 2 v 1 Vine Life (Manchester)
R24) Bentley Baptist (Doncaster) 1 v 2 Consett St Patricks (Durham)
Quarter Finals ~ Results
Full National Draw
F25) FC Legacy (Doncaster) 5 v 3 Morley BSC (Leeds) **FC Legacy subsequently excluded for playing a suspended player - Morley BSC re-instated**
F26) Kings Sports (Herts) 1 v 8 Consett St Patricks (Durham) (Game played on April 9th) ** 
F27) Bethel Church (Liverpool) 3 v 0 Uni East Anglia CU Rovers (Norwich)  (Game played on April 9th) **
F28) Elim Saints (Liverpool) 3 v 1 St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) **Elim Saints subsequently excluded from the Competition - St Marys West Croydon re-instated**
Semi Finals ~ Results
F29) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) 2 V 1 Morley BSC (Leeds) (This Game was played on April 23rd)**
F30) Bethel Church (Liverpool) 1 v 0 Consett St Patricks (Durham) (This Game was be played on April 30th) **
Final  ~  Friday May 20th 2016 ~The Valley Stadium, Charlton Athletic FC, SE7 8BL** KO: 5.45pm
Bethel Church (Liverpool) 3 v 2 St Marys West Croydon (Surrey)
Congratulations to Bethel Church, Liverpool on winning the National Christian Cup for the first time, in their 3rd Consecutive NCC Final. Well played St Marys for a plucky and stirring performance. Bethel took the lead early on, only for St Marys to equalise after 25 minutes. Bethel went ahead just before half-time and then increased their lead after 55 minutes. Bethel looked comfortable for a while but with 10 minutes left, St Marys got a goal back, to ensure a tense and exciting finsh. St Marys had a good chance near the end but Bethel held on for a deserved victory! Game was close and played in a good spirit, in front of a noisy crowd of nearly a hundred. The Man of the Match Award went to Scott Morris of Bethel Church, Liverpool.