The National Christian Cup  ~  2017 / 2018
**UPDATED ON: Saturday March 3rd 2018 - 3.00 pm**
1st Round ~ Results
Regional Section (South & East)
A) Emmanuel Lightning Croydon (Surrey) 0 v 5  Beacon Camberley (Surrey)
B) Coney Hall Churches United (SE London) 1 v 3 FC Cornerstone (Stevenage) (Played on 18/11/17)
C) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) 3 v 2 St Albans Romans (Herts)

Byes (13) were given to the following teams:
Battle Baptist (Sussex), Boro Lane Baptist (Kent), Christ Central (SE London),
Christians in Sport (Luton), Cleanslate (Milton Keynes), Kings Sports (Herts), Newgen (Kent),
Raynes Park United (SW London), Ruislip Baptist (Middlesex), Selhurst United (SE London),
Shepperton Pumas (Surrey), Soul Church (Norwich), Welwyn St Marys (Herts)
Regional Section (North & Midlands)
D) Armley Christchurch (Leeds) 2 v 3 North Shields Community (Newcastle)
E) Morley BCC (Leeds) 2 v 5 Norris Green Baptist (Liverpool)
F) St Sebastians (Liverpool) 10 v 3 Mansfield AFC (Notts)
G) Sunderland Samba 4 v 1 Bankhall Mission (Liverpool)
H) St Margarets & Marys FC (Liverpool) 1 v 3 Mosaic FC (Leeds)
I) Bethel Church (Liverpool) 3 v 0 Bentley Baptist (Doncaster)
J) Consett St Patricks (Newcastle) w/o v  Grace Church (Liverpool)

Byes (9) were given to the following teams:
Aintree Baptist (Liverpool), Bridge Bolton, Bridge Chapel (Liverpool),
Elm Hall Dons (Liverpool), Gateway (Leeds), Spacious Place (Burnley),
St Charles (Newcastle), St Edmunds (Liverpool), St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool)

2nd Round ~ Results

Regional Section (South & East)
R1) Christians in Sport (Luton) 1 v 2 St Albans Romans (Herts)* (*"Wild Card" Re-instated)
R2) Selhurst United (SE London)
8 v 1 Soul Church (Norwich) (Played on 06/01/18)
R3) Newgen (Kent)
3 v 1 Beacon Camberley (Surrey)
R4) Kings Sports (Herts)
1 v 3 FC Cornerstone (Stevenage)
R5) Battle Baptist (Sussex)
w/o v Cleanslate (Milton Keynes)
R6) Welwyn St Marys (Herts)
3 v 4 Christ Central (SE London) (Played on 03/02/18)
R7) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) 
6 v 0 Shepperton Pumas (Surrey)
R8) Raynes Park United (SW London)
2 v 3 Ruislip Baptist (Middlesex) (Played on Wednesday 10/01/18)

Regional Section (North & Midlands)

R9) Spacious Place (Burnley) 2 v 1 Sunderland Samba (Played on 13/01/18)
R10) Norris Green Baptist (Liverpool)
3 v 5 St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool)
R11) Bridge Chapel (Liverpool)
3 v 1 St Charles (Newcastle)
R12) Aintree Baptist (Liverpool)
7 v 1 Mosaic FC (Leeds)
R13) Elm Hall Dons (Liverpool)
2 v 2 Gateway (Leeds) (Elm Hall Dons won 4-2 on Penalties) (Played on 4/11/17)
R14) Bridge Bolton
w/o v Consett St Patricks (Newcastle)
R15) St Edmunds (Liverpool)
3 v 0 North Shields Community (Newcastle)
R16) Bethel Church (Liverpool)
1 v 5 St Sebastians (Liverpool)

3rd Round ~ Results

Regional Section (South & East)

R17) St Albans Romans (Herts) 0 v 5 Battle Baptist (Sussex)
R18) Christ Central (SE London)
4 v 3 Ruislip Baptist (Middlesex) (After Extra Time - Score at 90 minutes, 3-3)
R19) Newgen (Kent)
2 v 1 St Marys West Croydon (Surrey)
R20) Selhurst United (SE London)
3 v 0 FC Cornerstone (Stevenage) (Played on 10/02/18)

Regional Section (North & Midlands)

R21) Spacious Place (Burnley) 1 v 2 Aintree Baptist (Liverpool) (Played on 24/02/18)
R22) Bridge Bolton 
0 v 7 St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool) (Played on 03/03/18)
R23) St Edmunds (Liverpool)
3 v 0 Bridge Chapel (Liverpool)
R24) St Sebastians (Liverpool)
17 v 0 Elm Hall Dons (Liverpool)
Quarter Finals ~ Results

Regional Section (South & East)

R25) Christ Central (SE London) 0 v 3 Newgen (Kent)
R26) Selhurst United (SE London)
1 v 5 Battle Baptist (Sussex)
Regional Section (North & Midlands)
R27) Aintree Baptist (Liverpool) 1 v 10 St Edmunds (Liverpool) (Played on 03/03/18)
R28) St Paul & Timothy (Liverpool)
v St Sebastians (Liverpool) (Date TBA)
Semi Finals ~ 24th March 2018
Full National Draw
F29) R28 v Battle Baptist (Sussex)
F30) St Edmunds (Liverpool)
v Newgen (Kent)
Final  ~  During May, 2018 (Provisional and tbc!)

(All Teams that reach the Final must keep all of May free please!!)